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RMBC Fun Run/Training TentativeSchedule for 2009


Directions to ZoiBoyz Ranch-Falcon


Below are the tentative RMBC Fun Run and other ZoiBoyz Ranch performance dates. All will be held at the ZoiBoyz Ranch.   Mark your calendars!!!


Tentative RMBC Fun Runs and AKC Trial Dates:


Sat                          10 Jan                   Fun Run

Sun                           8 Feb                    Fun Run

Sat                          7 Mar                    Fun Run

Sun                         26 April            Fun Run

Sat & Sun            9 & 10 May         AKC Test & Trial

Sat                          30 May                 Fun Run

Sun                        14 June                 Fun Run

Sat                          18 July                   Fun Run

Sat                          8 Aug                     Fun Run

Sun                        30 Aug                  Fun Run

Sat                          26 Sept                 Fun Run

Sun                        11 Oct                   Fun Run

Sat                          14 Nov                  Fun Run

Sat                          12 Dec                   Fun Run


* In case of dangerous weather, or forecast temperatures of 85 or above, the event will be cancelled.


719-683-8605  Tom     

For more information  Lure


ASFA Lure Coursing ( )

AKC Lure Coursing ( )

LGRA straight racing ( )

NOTRA oval racing ( )

For more information  Lure




(Photos by KC Thompson)     



        See the fun you can

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