Memory Garden

It is in our hearts, and in the excellent breeding of their Borzoi that we still remember

our beloved club members that are caring for all the Borzoi at Rainbow Bridge. 

                 Dan             Sue           David Green

   DAN                             SUE                                        DAVID


Losing a friend is never easy. 



Borzoi that have gone to Rainbow Bridge

Our beloved Borzoi will remain in our hearts forever!


steve                                 Darth   

                                          CH. Sylvan Skye of FreeSpirit                     BIF CH AmberWind's Fire in the Dark CD SC LCM. (DARTH)



                        Eli                                Belle

                               My Beloved "ELI"                                         Kirova's Belle FreeSpirit

                    CH. Wind Stars Zvedka of Asha                             Big Girl, Big Heart --Belle



Silkenswift Bonn                  Ouragan des                Romashka's Arai

Silkenswift Bonne Chance                    Ouragan des Princes de Kazan                            Romashka’s Aramis  


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