Memory Gardens

The Dog with Sunshine on Her Face

It is in our hearts, and in the excellent breeding of their Borzoi that we still remember our beloved club members that are caring for all the Borzoi at Rainbow Bridge.



Sue David Green




Steve C. Gross

December 23, 1946 – June 1, 2010

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Ted Ferris

Our beloved Borzoi will remain in our hearts forever!

steve Darth

CH. Sylvan Skye of FreeSpirit



BIF CH AmberWind's Fire in the Dark CD SC LCM. (DARTH)

Eli Belle

My Beloved "ELI"
CH. Wind Stars Zvedka of Asha

Kirova's Belle FreeSpirit
Big Girl, Big Heart -- Belle

Silkenswift Bonn Ouragan des

Silkenswift Bonne Chance

Ouragan des Princes de Kazan

Romashka's Arai

Romashka’s Aramis

Heaven is a little brighter today because another star is there.

Attaway's Autumn Princess JC

8/30/98 - 7/29/09
Owned and Loved by Melissa Pearce

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Ch. Folly Quarters Dobro Romul, SC

June 11, 2004 to February 11, 2015
He was owned and bred by Maggie Rice.


Deb Henderson, Geriann's mother and RMBC member, has asked that any memorial gifts be given in the form of donations to the RMBC Rescue Fund.

CH Folly Quarters Svistok Mydrey

June 11, 2004 to April 26, 2016
Bred, owned and loved by Maggie Rice and all
the hounds of Folly Quarters that he helped raise!

Run FREE sweet boy and make all new friends in Heaven!



Nadine Johnson

Details will be provided later